O'tentika F-Body Milk

O'tentika F-Body Milk
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Product Description


Dry skin isn't just thirsty, it's failing to retain the moisture that's crucial to the skin's own natural healing mechanisms. An effective moisturizer and body milk lotion does more than just soothe and replenish parched skin cells. It also enhance the skin's ability to use moisture to protect and repair itself.

Silky, intense hydration from O'TENTIKA F-Body Milk.

O'TENTIKA F-Body Milk lotion is an excellent protective moisturizer that can be used anywhere dry skin is experienced. It's also gentle enough that it's suitable for all skin types, from children's delicate skin to the drier skin of the elderly.

The nutritious blend of natural ingredients in the body milk lotion includes Aloe Vera and African Shea butter, two power players in skin well-being. The combination creates a premium luxury experience which both intensely hydrates and heals skin.

Order today to restore youthful health and beautiful radiance to your skin.

Product Features

  • F-Body Milk lotion is a gentle, healthy moisturizer which works well with all skin types for the whole family. The moisturizer can be applied anywhere dryness is experienced. Use once or twice daily for maximum effectiveness.
  • Apply the body milk lotion to freshly cleaned skin and allow the body milk to absorb for soft, velvety skin. Follow with sunscreen.
  • Use regularly along with O'TENTIKA gentle cleansing soap and an anti-aging product like C15 Serum for maximum skin health. Together, the products create a beauty and health regimen to keep your skin glowing with youthful radiance for years to come.
  • Like all similar beauty products, O'Tentika F-Body Milk lotion is intended for external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes, and if irritation develops, discontinue use. Watch out for the intense glow of bright, healthy and youthful skin.