Price Match Guarantee

Price Matching Rules:

We offer a Price Match option on almost any product. We do reserve the right to decline to match a price, but in most cases, we will honor price match requests with other websites. In order to qualify for a price match consideration, the following rules and conditions must be met:

1. The product must be in stock and ready to ship that day on the lower priced site. Backorders will not be matched and we do not match prices on items that are out of stock.

2. The item must be the same as the product you want to order from us.

3. Coupons and promotional codes may not be used with price matches, either from our site or from a competitorís coupon.

4. Shipping prices will be met as well in the event that the lower priced site has a more expensive shipping charge.

5. The Product must be orderable online. Online advertisements are not honored unless the product can be ordered online through a secure server with a functioning shopping cart.

6. The price match must be completed BEFORE you order the product from us. No price match requests will be honored on items that have already been ordered and/or shipped. If your request for a price match meets all the above guidelines, feel free to give us a call and we will let you know if we can match the price! 99.9%, of the time we will!

Price Guarantee Information

Occasionally, you may buy an item that goes on sale in the next few days. We will not adjust your purchase price to match the new price. To request a price match, please call us at (617) 445-2380.